What Is Apple Carplay

If you are someone who loves entertainment in your vehicle and at the same time you also want to access your phone without any interruption while driving then, Apple Carplay is the way to go. Apple Carplay is something that is going to help you out with both entertainment as well as driving without any interruption because it is created to give ultimate convenience to the driver.

Apple Carplay allows you to call people, send them text messages, interact with any applications supported by CarPlay, and most importantly you can change or play your favorite track without touching your smartphone. However, use only software that supports CarPlay because not all software on your phone can support this system.

In this article, we are going to discuss everything in detail about Apple Carplay and how you can also install it in your own vehicle. Also, how to know if your vehicle is compatible with this device.

What Is Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay is a device that gets installed near the vehicle’s dashboard. This device allows you to connect your iPhone to play music, control other features like calling and texting. You can easily operate Siri or any other voice command app installed in your smartphone. 

There are over 500 models in the market, where manufacturers have already integrated this device to ensure optimized usage and safety. It was first launched in March 2014 and developed by Apple Inc. It works on the iOS operating system to ensure the operation is absolutely smooth and the overall experience doesn’t consist of any lagging. 

Since it was launched almost one decade ago it has been very popular in the market. According to multiple reports that has been 80% of vehicles sold in United States that had installed Apple CarPlay.

Why Is Apple CarPlay Mainly Used?

Majority of the users install Apple CarPlay for entertainment purposes. However, watching videos on CarPlay while you are driving is of course not recommended at all. In fact, many users purchase aftermarket car stereos that can be installed alongside Apple CarPlay to make the audio experience better.

How Apple CarPlay Works?

If your vehicle is compatible with Apple CarPlay, then it is going to be a piece of cake to connect it with your iPhone. All you need to do is use a lightning cable that will allow you to plug your iPhone into the vehicle’s USB port. 

Now you can simply select the CarPlay option on your vehicle screen. This option might appear in a different way depending on vehicle to vehicle however it will be very obvious when you see this option you just have to tab once on it. 

How To Connect iPhone To Apple CarPlay?

Please keep in mind that you should always use an Apple certified USB cable to connect your iPhone with the CarPlay so that there is no connection problem. After you have successfully connected,  all you need to do is use your dashboards Queen as a secondary display rather than using your smartphone. 

You will notice that the interface shown on the dashboard’s screen is similar to your iPhone’s screen. This will make it easier for you to understand the operation for the and control things. Furthermore, all the icons that you will see on the dashboard screen will be much bigger so that it’s easier to see and use it even while you are driving.

Please note that this is just to inform you that all the icons are easily visible but you don’t always have to tab to operate those features and you can simply use your voice commands to get things done. 

How To Use Voice Command To Operate Apple CarPlay?

As soon as you get connected to the Apple CarPlay, you can simply turn on Siri application like you used to do when using your smartphone. To do this,  make sure that the application has been enabled on your smartphone and then you can simply say “Hey Siri” to activate the voice command feature. 

In some of the vehicles you might also get an option to press a button near the steering wheel that will automatically enable the voice command option. Also, your screen will also showcase the text messages that you are receiving and Siri will help you to read it out loud.

After reading about the text message it will also ask you whether you want to reply and you can simply send a reply without stopping your vehicle or taking your eyes off the track.

Other Benefits Of Using Apple CarPlay

Aside from using voice commands, you can also see map directions with help of GPS on the dashboard’s screen. You can also set reminders in the calendar and use the Bluetooth to connect with your Apple CarPlay. 

Thankfully, there are several vehicles available in the market that support for Apple CarPlay. In conclusion, If  it is highly recommended that you should try Apple CarPlay to optimized usage and safety . 

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